About Us


Sherwin Chew Foundation is steadfast to its core ideology of "Creating Prosperity For The Society, Creating Welfare For Its People" and has been serving various charitable organizations ever since its inception. One of the foundation main focus is the Service Centre in Raub Pahang. This unique Youth & Children Development Centre was established with the effort of Dato' Sri Dr. Sherwin Chew and affiliated parties to help create a positive environment for the development of our future generation.

Dato' Sri Dr. Sherwin Chew has been a very active philanthropist since 2010. He had a personally inspiring experience of positive transformation after embracing religion during his adolescence years. His heart was filled with a special mission to be active in social work while being a powerful catalyst of influence to the youth around him. He believes in sharing his testimonies to guide others to a better path of purpose. His ambition is not only to assist the public and shape talent, but also to play a role in solving all social problems.